Establishment of a branch
of a foreign entity

It is part of the foreign entity, no registered capital required

Establishment of a branch quickly and easily

Business through a branch (formerly "organizational units" under the Commercial Code) is one of the ways in which foreign entities can do business in the Czech Republic without establishing a new company.

The establishment of a branch, its management and dissolution is less demanding than the establishment, management and dissolution of a classical company (e.g. limited liability companies, joint stock companies, etc.).

The main advantages of a branch compared to a classical company are the following in particular:

Get Establishment of a branch from CZK 20 000 (800 €)


  • 1Preparation of the decision on establishment of the branch of a foreign entity.
  • 2Representation at the Trade Licensing Office.
  • 3Representation in registration in the Commercial Register.
  • 4Administrative fee – trade licence.
  • 5Administrative fee – Commercial Register.

If you are interested in establishing a branch, please write to us or call us. We will prepare all required documents for you and set everything up within 14 days.

Every branch must have a registered office:

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