After company formation

Založili jste firmu a čelíte byrokratickým nástrahám? Přemýšlíte, jak zaměstnávat, nebo řešíte otázku ručení? Uvažujete, jestli má smysl aktivovat datovou schránku? Připravili jsme vám výběr klíčových témat.

Within companies, there are several types of guarantees for the receivables and liabilities of the company, including so-called personal guarantees. The guarantee is indicated in the legal terminology of the fulfilment of obligations of another person, i.e. in the case of business corporations, the given company. Within a company, therefore, any person…

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Is it really possible today to form a company quickly and at minimal cost? Or even online? Politicians promised changes, implemented some, but in the end,…

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