Business dissolution

Ať už máte jakýkoli dúvod k ukončení nebo přerušení podnikání, čeká vás určitá administrativní zátěž. Co je třeba brát v úvahu, když přestáváte působit jako OSVČ? Na co si dát pozor, když rušíte obchodní korporaci? Stačí nahlédnout do našich článků.

A company can be dissolved for many reasons. These reasons can be on the part of the shareholders or based on a court decision (then it is a forced dissolution of the company). The company may also be dissolved for other reasons, such as the expiration of the validity period, if it was established for a definite period, the achievement of the purpose for…

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If you are planning to stop doing business on a trade license, it is good to know what you need to arrange and what authorities need to be informed about the revocation of the trade. Below we provide a simple guide on how to revoke a trade license. SUSPENSION VS. REVOCATION If you are a self-employed person and have decided to end this type of business,…

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We give you a brief overview of the most important changes in the field of taxes and accounting for in 2021. TAX NEWS IN 2021 TAX PACKAGE Perhaps the…

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Is it really possible today to form a company quickly and at minimal cost? Or even online? Politicians promised changes, implemented some, but in the end,…

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