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Focus on your business while we handle all the administration. We make your entrepreneurial journey easier from the very beginning.

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About Us

We’re the partner for your business in the Czech Republic

We’ve been helping companies and self-employed entities since 2011. We’ve simplified the business starting process for hundreds of foreigners in the Czech Republic and even done the same for countless Czechs launching businesses abroad. We manage clients’ accounts and take care that they don’t pay more in taxes than they should. We save business owners time and money by selling ready-made companies as well as custom enterprises. We acquire trade licenses for natural persons and navigate our way through the jungle of tax legislation in their place.

To put it plainly, we make a living handling the issues you don’t want to deal with. We’ve gained many years’ experience that you can now use to your own advantage.


We founded the company Jake&James Accounting s.r.o.


We formed our 1st virtual registered office and hired our 1st employee


We moved to our new offices on Revoluční Street


15+ employees, 9 registered offices, and thousands of satisfied clients

We handle everything from forming the company to tax returns

You don’t need a separate specialist for every area. Forget about the challenging efforts to coordinate all the suppliers. We take care of everything for you under one roof – quickly, reliably, and affordably.

What does the ideal business world look like to us?

“The client focuses on their business’ main objective
while we handle all the administration related to it.”


How do we approach client care?


Any promises we make, we keep. On time and correctly.
You can rely on us.


We always provide you with solutions.
We don’t look for problems but rather a path towards the goal.


We work quickly and at affordable prices.
Thanks to us, you’ll save both time and money.

Personal approach

We focus on each client individually. We’re interested in your needs.


We speak your language, understand your situation, and are happy to patiently explain anything needed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Years of experience and constant learning. Take advantage of our know-how for your business.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed by our team of experts

Jakub Vondráček
Managing Director

Ing. Jakub Vondráček, the founder of Jake&James, gives our activities direction. This enables us to make business owners’ lives easier.

Účetní tým
Accounting Team

Certificates, records, tax returns, payroll, financial statements, and loads of numbers. Our experienced accounting team knows what to do both for trades and businesses. .

Jakub Vondráček
Sales and Support Team

You’ll meet our support team when you form a company with us, inquire about a virtual registered office, or call our reception.

Právní tým
Legal Team

Lawyers prepare and inspect contracts. Everything we do is done according to the law with them on board.

Who will you be working with when you turn to us?

Zakládání a prodej společností

Incorporation and Sale of Companies

+420 226 224 724

Sídla a klientský servis

Registered Offices and Client Services

+420 226 224 724

Poštovní servis a recepce

Mail Forwarding Services and Reception

+420 226 224 724

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11 500+Incorporated and sold companies
24 000+Company registered seats rented
13Years of our history