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Registered office address

Get a registered office address for your Czech company:

registered office address in Czechia at a good price


The longer you stay with us, the less you pay. Choose a virtual registered office address in Prague or Brno starting at only EUR 6/month.

registered office address in Czechia fast


Immediately after signing the contract and sending the payment, you receive the consent with the official registered office via email or in person at our office.

registered office address in Czechia online


We provide registered office addresses online. We inform you of incoming mail via email, and you have a 24/7 overview of it in the client portal.

registered office address


Focus on what makes you money. In the meantime, we’ll handle the address change in the Commercial Register and other admin work.

When would I need a virtual registered office address?

When your office is registered to your home, you’ll receive work correspondence and even official inspections there. Also, your private address will appear in public registers.

If you don’t want to combine your home and work life, a virtual registered office is the ideal solution – and it’s much cheaper compared to having a physical office. The price includes free spaces for meetings with the authorities, and we also provide a mail service.

When incorporating a new company, there’s no time to waste. Do you need a registered office address in the Czech Republic fast? Simply tell us the name of the company, you don’t even need a Company Registration Number yet.

Choose an address and time period, pay for the order, and we’ll prepare the contract to be signed as soon as the nearest working day. We’ll then email you the consent with the official registered office.

Or stop by our office (Executive/representative with a power of attorney) – we’ll issue the consent on demand.

In some cases, it’s difficult or even impossible to have the registered office address at your permanent address.

Cooperating with a landlord can be challenging. Residency at the government office isn’t an option. However, every Czech company must have a Czech address (a foreign entrepreneur can still have permanent residency abroad).

You can quickly and inexpensively solve these situations with a virtual registered office address.

Virtual registered office addresses on offer

  • With us, it’s simple – choose an address, and we’ll provide you with a registered office address at a reasonable price as well as everything else you need. No demanding tariffs, packages, or conditions.

Choose the address that you like

Virtual office price list
Period Monthly For the entire period You save
Registered office for 1 year EUR 11 EUR 132
Registered office for 2 years EUR 10 EUR 240 EUR 29
Registered office for 3 years EUR 9,50 EUR 342 EUR 65
Registered office for 4 years EUR 9 EUR 432 EUR 116
Registered office for 5 years EUR 8 EUR 480 EUR 218

* prices are without VAT

Why choose this address?
  • An affordable registered office in Prague-Žižkov.
  • Features a free-to-use conference room for meetings with authorities; also available for business dealings at EUR 20,33/hour.
  • Option for long-term workspace rentals, incl. office supplies. Contact us for more information.
  • The price includes proper signage of your business on the building, mail pickup with email alerts, and mail management through our online portal.
  • 6 minutes by bus from the B and C metro lines (Florenc) and 5 minutes from the A metro line (Flora).

Included for free with all registered office addresses

Issue of consent by the property owner stating that you can use the chosen address as a registered office.

Issuing the consent
with the official registered office

Company sign  on the building

Marking your company’s name
on the building

Mail handling and immediate e-mail notification

Accepting mail
and the online client portal

Free use of a meeting room for dealing with the authorities

Providing a space
for meetings with the authorities

Fill out the details below
and your new registered office will be waiting for you

Which address do you like?

How long will you use the registered office for?

And your contact details

Total price for your registered office and additional services: (+21% VAT)

Answers to frequently asked questions about virtual offices

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Registered office address at your home or a virtual address?

If you don’t want your private address documented in public registers, our registered office address service is a good choice. But protecting your privacy isn’t the only reason.

  • Thanks to a virtual registered office address, you won’t have to deal with changing the address in the Commercial Register if you move.
  • If a client comes looking for you at the registered office address, our reception will inform you or pass along a message – this is much more comfortable than having a customer show up at your house to discuss business matters.
  • And whenever you need it, you can reserve a conference room and schedule a meeting in our professional office spaces.

What does the law say about virtual registered office addresses?

According to the law, your company must have a registered office address. Without one, it can’t be entered into the Commercial Register. Providing registered office addresses service comes in handy for those planning to incorporate a company or buy a ready-made company. The same goes for anyone already doing business, who wants to better protect their privacy or cancel their physical office because they don’t need it anymore or want to save money. We’d be happy to help you change your registered office address in the Commercial Register.

požadavky na sídlo firmy

Requirements for registered office

From the law’s perspective, having a virtual office is a legal solution, and plenty of business owners use this option. It doesn’t matter that the company doesn’t physically operate at its registered office address; in fact, it could be registered at any address.

Of course, you must have valid consent with the official registered office from the property owner and the ability to accept correspondence at the registered address.

You easily meet both these requirements with our virtual registered office addresses and the price also includes a place to meet with the authorities in case of an inspection.

skutečné a oficiální sídlo společnosti rozdíl

Actual vs. official registered office

The law on VAT also speaks about a company’s actual registered office. What is the difference between it and the registered office address kept in the Commercial Register?

An actual registered office is a place where the company’s leadership meets and accepts basic decisions regarding its management.

As a VAT payer, you must inform the financial authorities of your actual registered office address. It’s common to have this address differ from your official registered office address.

Get a registered office address in Prague or Brno fast!

With our service, you can register your company to a quality address.

  • You’ll pay a fraction of the price for a virtual registered office address in Prague compared to a traditional rental. These addresses can be shared, making them cheaper.
  • Looking for a virtual office address in the region of Moravia. Order a registered address for your company in Brno.

Choose your address provider carefully

We never provide addresses that could be suspicious or untrustworthy. We won’t place your company’s registered office address in a cellar or warehouse, which can, unfortunately, happen with other providers. We do not put our clients at risk – we’ll provide you with a registered office address with highly presentable spaces (typically a townhome or an office building).

Got a question about a virtual office address? Write to us!

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