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Register a virtual office at a prestigious address in Prague or Brno

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Registered office address

Don’t rent an expensive office if you don’t need one!

virtuální sídla firem v Praze

Your company can have a registered office
within 1 business day.

virtuální sídla firem v Praze a Brně

Choose the right address for you in Prague or Brno.

virtuální sídla firem v Praze levně

You can have your registered office starting
from EUR 6 per month.

virtuální sídla firem v Praze rychle

Forget about a lengthy search for the right office address for your company.
Get your registered office online today!

Get a registered office address for your company in Prague or Brno!

Have your company’s registered office at a prestigious address in the center of Prague or Brno. Why should you pay expensive rent and maintain a permanent office if you don’t need one for your business? Get a virtual office address for your company, which will promote your brand. You’re one step away from having a prestigious address for your company. The whole process is easy and can be done online. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with all the details.

Your company will be registered at a prestigious address in Prague or Brno and your business sign will appear on the building. Our assistants will manage and forward your mail, and you’ll have access to our meeting rooms to accommodate your important business meetings.

Choose the right address for your company

Virtual office price list
Period Monthly For the entire period You save
Registered office for 1 year EUR 11 EUR 132
Registered office for 3 years EUR 9 EUR 324 EUR 87,12
Registered office for 5 years EUR 8 EUR 480 EUR 217,80

* prices are without VAT

Why choose this address?
  • An affordable registered office in Prague-Žižkov.
  • Includes a free-to-use conference room for meetings; also available for business dealings at EUR 20,33/hour.
  • Option for long-term workspace rentals, incl. office supplies. Contact us for more information.
  • 6 minutes by bus from the B and C metro lines (Florenc) and 5 minutes from the A metro line (Flora).

FREE services for every registered office

Issue of consent by the property owner stating that you can use the chosen address as a registered office.

Issue of consent
by the property owner stating that you can use the chosen address as a registered office.

Company sign  on the building

Company sign
on the building

Mail handling and immediate e-mail notification

Mail handling
and immediate e-mail notification

Free use of a meeting room for dealing with the authorities

Free use of a meeting room
for dealing with the authorities

Fill out the details below
and your new registered office will be waiting for you

Which address do you like?

How long will you use the registered office for?

And your contact details

Total price for your registered office and additional services: (+21% VAT)

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Your company is required by law to have a registered office. You will receive all business mail to that address. Providing registered offices for companies is therefore one of our core services, which you will find quite useful when you let us form your company, or when purchasing one of our Ready-Made companies.

Your company cannot be registered in the Commercial Register without a registered office address. There are many reasons why you should not use your home address as the registered office for your business. If you don’t want your name to appear in a public register, then a virtual office is the right choice for you. Or maybe you’re planning to move in the near future and changing your company’s registered office address again would simply be an inconvenience.

Having a so-called "virtual office" is a legal solution that a lot of businessmen and women prefer to use. Your company does not have to be physically present at a given address to have your registered office there. Your company only has to be reachable at its registered office, meaning that it has to be able to receive mail at that address. That’s why we only offer premium addresses, and you will find a representative office or similar space at each address. We want all our clients to have a registered office they can rely on.

So, how do you choose the right address? Having a registered office address in Prague adds to your company’s overall prestige. However, that doesn’t mean that you actually need to have an office space with your employees in Prague. Sharing a registered office makes it much more affordable. Having a prestigious address is no longer something only large corporations can afford. Thanks to our services, everyone can have a registered office in Prague.

When should I rent a registered office?

You should rent a registered office if you are looking for an office at minimum cost. By using a virtual office, you won’t have to pay rent for an actual office space. The same applies if you have no time to look for a property to buy. It’s also increasingly difficult to obtain a prestigious address these days. And if you have a time-limited business plan, it would be pointless to seek out a registered office, when you can simply obtain one at one of our premium locations.

What do I get with this service?

Your company will have its registered office at a premium address. Your company sign will appear on the building, and you can have the address registered in the Commercial Register. We will collect your mail and notify you via e-mail about all your delivered mail, and you can pick it up at our office in person or have it forwarded or scanned. It’s an easy and time-efficient process. You can also rent our meeting rooms at a given location, should you have an important business meeting. And we can also manage any business-related phone calls.

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