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For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, a client is a person who is interested in using the services of the below Provider through the web interfaces of jake-james.cz, jake-james.com, jake-james.pl or jake-james.de (hereinafter the “Client”). The Client, who is a natural person, declares that they are not acting as a consumer under Section 419 of the Act No. 89/2012, and that they are acting within their business or in the independent exercise of their profession.


Jake&James Accounting s.r.o.
registered office at Revoluční 763/15, 110 00 Prague 1
Company ID No.: 02221977
registered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File 217061.
Contact e-mail: info@jake-james.cz
(hereinafter the “Provider”).


These Terms and Conditions govern the rights and obligations arising from the order of services listed on the websites, jake-james.cz, jake-james.com, jake-james.pl or jake-james.de, which the Client orders from the Provider and whose specification is regulated mainly on the inquiry form, in e-mail communication, etc. These Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the order. Deviating provisions of the Order shall take precedence over the Terms and Conditions.


2.1. Based on the conditions set out in the Order, the Provider shall provide the Client with the requested services in accordance with valid legal regulations.

2.2. The Provider shall proceed with professional care, properly and in time according to the instructions given by the Client in the Order. The Provider is not obliged to fulfil the Client's instruction if it is contrary to binding legal regulations, of which the Provider informs the Client.

2.3. The Client may not change or otherwise modify the documents sent to the Provider without the written consent of the Provider.

2.4. The Provider may use third parties to provide services, to which the Client gives its express consent.

2.5. The Provider shall not be liable to the Client for delays caused by decisions and functioning of registration courts, trade licensing offices, notaries, or transport services. The same shall apply to delays caused by force majeure.

2.6. If the delivery time of the service is longer than 30 days following the date of authorization of the transaction, upon making a payment by payment card, the Provider is obliged to inform the Client about the time for providing the service. The total delivery time may not exceed 120 days from the date of authorization of the transaction.


3.1. According to the Provider’s instructions, the Client shall pay the agreed remuneration for services related to the establishment of the company, including all costs incurred by the Provider with the provision of services as included in the Order (hereinafter the “Remuneration”).

3.2. The Remuneration shall be paid by the Client to the Provider within 5 (in words: five) working days following submission of the Order. If the amount is not paid within this period according to the Provider’s instructions, the Provider shall withdraw from the contract with the Client concluded on the website by means of the Order, unless the Provider and the Client agree otherwise in writing subsequently.

The Client acknowledges that the Provider is not obliged to provide services to the Client until the Remuneration has been paid.

3.3. The Client is obliged to immediately provide co-operation to the Provider and other persons who will provide services to the Client.

Should the Client fail to fulfil this obligation and for this reason, it is not possible to provide the service, the Client is obliged to pay the Provider a contractual penalty in the amount of the Remuneration paid which the Provider shall be entitled to set off against the amount of Remuneration paid.

3.4. The person acting on behalf of the Client’s legal entity hereby expressly confirms that they are the person authorized to perform legal acts on behalf of the Client's legal entity, and also confirms that all contacts stated in negotiations related to the provision of services are binding on the Client’s legal entity.


4.1. Payment for services can be made by bank transfer, cash payment, or by credit card.

4.2. Payment can be stated in Czech crowns (CZK) or in Euro (EUR).


5.1. The Provider is entitled to withdraw from the contract concluded by the Order at any time unilaterally and without giving reasons. If the Provider withdraws from the contract under this point, the Provider shall return to the Client the Remuneration paid or a part thereof so far paid by the Client to the Provider. The amount may be reduced by the costs incurred by the Provider.


6.1. The Client shall immediately inform the Provider of any changes in its correspondence address, as well as other contact details, in particular its name (business name), e-mail, and phone. The Provider shall not be liable for damages caused by the fact that the Client did not inform it about these changes in time.

6.2. The Client hereby grants their explicit consent to the processing of personal data provided in accordance with the Consent to the Processing of Personal Data which has been submitted to the Client at a personal meeting or sent by e-mail.

6.3. The Remuneration is considered paid on the day of its crediting to the Provider’s account or by payment in cash at a personal meeting at the Provider’s premises.

6.4. The Client acknowledges that the Provider is entitled to unilaterally change these Terms and Conditions. The notification of the change of conditions shall be delivered to the Client to its electronic or correspondence address specified in the Order. The Client shall be entitled to terminate the contract in writing in the event of disagreement with the change in the business conditions within two months of sending the notification. If the transactions according to the Order have already been started, the services shall be completed under the existing conditions.

These Terms and Conditions become valid and effective as of 1 January 2018.

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