Employment Agency for Sale

Buy a ready-made employment agency and accelerate the start of your business in the Czech Republic

I want an employment agency I want an employment agency
Employment Agency for Sale

Planning on doing business in the Czech Republic as a recruiter to help connect workers with companies? Establishing a recruitment agency requires loads of admin, often taking several months. Instead, purchase a ready-made employment agency, saving both your nerves and time! Zero waiting or approvals; we’ve completed the whole process for you. We’ll simply hand the company over to its new owner – and you can start recruiting employees immediately.

Current offer

» Recruitment agency for sale «

  • Limited liability company with paid-up share capital.
  • Price includes: licences A, B, and C, Employment Agency deposit paid, bankruptcy insurance and inspection at the registered office, and company transferred to you, incl. documentation.
  • We contractually guarantee that the agency has zero prior business dealings.
  • Registered office at our address: Revoluční 763/15, Prague 1.
  • Option to change the name, registered office, and partnership agreements (we’ll arrange everything).
  • Non-VAT payer – we can handle VAT registration for you.
Employment Agency for Sale

Price: EUR 16 041

Benefits of ready-made employment agencies from Jake&James

  • Recruitment licences A, B, and C. We offer recruitment agencies with all necessary permissions and zero field limitations. You don’t have to deal with paperwork and can start hiring citizens from the Czech Republic, the EU, the European Economic Area, and elsewhere.
  • Paid deposit. We already paid the CZK 500 000 deposit to the Employement Agency of the Czech Republic (Úřadu práce ČR), which the company maintains as an additional payment outside of the share capital, meaning you can easily pay it back to the partner if you decide to return the licence.
  • General representative. Our guarantor has a signed work agreement with the agency – you can appoint your own after the transfer.
  • Ready to do business. We’ve arranged everything – entry into the Commercial Register, the share capital payment, income tax registration, and even bankruptcy insurance.
  • Prestigious registered address with completed inspection. You can continue to use the registered address and its reception desk at Revoluční 15 in Prague for a fee, select another virtual address from our offer, or relocate to your own. However, we recommend not changing the address since the current location has already passed the inspection by the Foreign Police.
  • Free of debt and obligations. We contractually guarantee the agency’s lack of any debts. We establish these companies specifically to resell them, meaning they’ve done zero business dealings.
  • It’s yours in under 24 hours! Will you stop by in person or handle things remotely? The choice is yours. Only a single meeting or conversation is needed to transfer the agency.

5 easy steps to receiving your agency

Don’t waste time on paperwork or queueing at government offices. Order a custom Czech employment agency and start assigning workers within 24 hours! All you need is your ID, a copy of the representative’s criminal record from their country of origin, and to sign the transfer documents.

Write to us using the contact form.
We’ll prepare the transfer documents.
We confirm everything by verifying the signatures.
We’ll handle the new owner’s entry into the Commercial Register.
All done!
All done! Now you own the recruitment agency.

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