Registering a Trademark

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Registering a Trademark

You’re doing business, building your brand’s strength and awareness. Maybe you’ve already been doing it for years and it’s costing money and time. Having a well-known brand is the goal for every business owner; to have customers remember their logo, colours, slogan, or the package design. But what happens when the competition comes and copies what you’ve worked so long on. Don’t allow others to threaten your market position and register a trademark (a legal tool that protects your brand). If you register it in time, you’ll gain a better position in case of disputes.

Why do you need a trademark?

  • You and no one else owns your brand. When you dedicate the time and money to build a brand and the good name of your company, legal protection should be a given. Don’t underestimate this and become the true owner of your brand.
  • Be unique. A trademark will help you by not allowing the competition to copy your brand or profit off it. But if someone were to try anyway, you’re the bearer of a one-of-a-kind argument; oftentimes you simply need to show your registration and the opposing party will back down.
  • Just a trade name isn’t enough. Having your company’s name registered in the Commercial Register only prevents another company from being formed with the same or similar name. The only problem is that companies are made up of so much more than just their name (logo, colours, slogan, and more).

Types of trademarks

A trademark puts a roof over your brand within the branch and country that you choose. You can register a trademark both as a self-employed person or a company. Various kinds of protection exist (e.g., for a logo, slogan, colour, etc.) in 45 fields and 3 levels of locality:

  • Czech trademark
  • European Union trademark
  • International trademark

Before registering, it’s necessary to verify that your requested trademark isn’t interchangeable with an already-existing trademark in the selected country and category. We’ll help you register the correct type of trademark, just as we will with the research required.

The collaborative process of registering a trademark

  1. After you send an inquiry using the contact form, we’ll consult your situation with you (by phone or in person). We’ll discuss which type of trademark you want to register and for which country, whether we need to perform any research, and we’ll inform you of the prices. We’ll share with you the materials we need to register the selected trademark and what the process will be.
  2. Once the invoice for our services is paid, we’ll hand over the documents (you provide your signature or depiction of the trademark and we’ll prepare a power of attorney, which we can then use to represent you).
  3. We get to work. We’ll perform the necessary research (if that’s included in your order) and prepare and submit a request to register a trademark to the relevant authorities. The process of ordering our services to submitting the registration takes only a matter of days.
  4. We wait for your trademark to be registered and handle any objections that may arise. Here, the waiting period is the longest, as we’re waiting for the legal deadlines to conclude, during which third parties can submit objections against your registered brand. In total, registering a trademark takes approx. 6 months.

Most frequently asked questions on trademarks

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    • Research: We offer our research services before registering for a price of EUR 390, excluding VAT, for a Czech or European trademark. For international trademarks, the price is calculated individually depending on the selected countries.
    • Czech Republic: The fee for a Czech trademark, including our services, is EUR 117, excluding VAT (for three categories, an additional EUR 20 is paid for each category).
    • EU: The fee for a European trademark, including our services, is EUR 1 166, excluding VAT (for three categories, and EUR 149 is paid for additional category).
    • International: The individual price depends on the selected countries. Contact us and we’ll create a price offer for you.
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  • Trademarks are valid for 10 years. For 5 years into its registration, you have to start using it de facto. Otherwise, it could become invalidated.
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  • Before registering, thoroughly plan for the future: plan which fields you could start operating in during the next 10 years, or whether there will also be time for you to expand abroad.

Put the paperwork out of your mind and leave it up to us

Registering a trademark is a relatively lengthy process full of paperwork. Trust the administrative matters to the professionals and focus 100% on your business. Contact us using the contact form and we’ll take care of your trademark for you.

And now just fill out the form and you’re good to go!

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