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Ready-Made Companies for Sale

Companies for sale – zero history or obligations

get yours ready-made company fast

Start your business within 1 day

You don’t wait long with us. We’ll arrange the company to be transferred within 1 working day.

ready-made company for sale

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A wide selection of company names and types, including VAT payers.

get yours ready-made company online

In person or remote?

The choice is yours. Stop by, write to us, or give us a call – we'll take care of everything.

get yours ready-made company easily

Simplify admin

We’d be happy to help with your accounting and can provide a registered address for your company.

Why buy a ready-made company from us?

A higher share capital is one of the criteria, for example, that banks evaluate when deciding on a loan, however, not everyone has a large lump sum of money just lying around.

Order a ready-made company with paid-up capital from CZK 100 to millions, and save yourself the worry.

Voluntarily registering a new company for VAT can be difficult and the result isn’t always clear. Buy a ready-made VAT payer and claim your tax deduction right away.

Establishing a recruitment agency takes months and requires loads of paperwork. Instead, get yourself a ready-made employment agency, and save both time and nerves!

We’ve arranged everything for you – entry into the Commercial Register, income tax registration, licences A, B, and C for recruiting workers, and even the inspection by the Czech police.

All ready-made companies are already in the Commercial Register, have a Company Registration Number, and are registered for corporation taxes (DPPO).

It only takes 1 working day to transfer the company, and you can then act in the company’s name immediately after the documents are signed. You will appear in the Commercial Register within 2 weeks.

In a rush? We can prepare the documents and verify the signatures on demand at our office because we have our very own notary.

We establish ready-made companies specifically to resell them. Zero business dealings are made and they meet conditions set by the law.

We contractually guarantee that the companies are not burdened by legal problems or debt.

What’s included in the price of a ready-made company?

  • all contract preparations
  • company transfer to you
  • naming the new representative
  • Debt-free Guarantee Certificate
  • fees for entering all changes into the Commercial Register
  • guarantee of the fully paid capital
  • entry from the Commercial Register

The company prices provided are final (VAT not added).


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Employment Agency
  • Included in the price: license A, B, C, bankruptcy insurance, finished inspection at the registered office, and transfer of the company ownership to you.
  • Joint-stock company recorded in the Business Register in {{ item.since }}.
  • Limited liability company recorded in the Business Register in {{ item.since }}.
  • European company recorded in the Business Register in {{ item.since }}.
  • Registered capital of {{ }} {{ item.capitalCurrency }} ,, paid in full as of the register date.
  • Current registered office at {{ item.seatAddress }}, {{ }} – our virtual registered office.
  • The company name and address can be changed during the order.
  • VAT registered company – you can start sending invoices with VAT immediately.
  • Non-VAT registered company. We can arrange VAT registration for you.
  • We contractually guarantee that the company has never done business.
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5 steps and the ready-made company’s yours

Don’t waste time on paperwork or queueing at government offices – order a ready-made company online. All you need is your ID, a copy of the representative’s criminal record from their country of origin, and to sign the transfer documents.

Choose a company from our offer and place an order.
We’ll prepare the transfer documents.
We’ll confirm everything by verifying the signatures.
We’ll handle the new owner’s entry into the Commercial Register.
A je hotovo!
All done! Now you can start growing your business.

What kind of ready-made companies do we sell?

A “ready-made company” is an established company that’s already been entered into the Commercial Register, meaning you can start using it quickly. You’ll experience zero delays due to its founding and communicating with the authorities. Just easily buy a company, and we’ll take care of all the paperwork. The greatest benefit is your time saved as well as the complications you avoid if you were to try to establish the company on your own.

Our ready-made companies are are based in Prague. You can use our registered address as a virtual office for a fee or change the address upon transfer, either to your own address or to one of our virtual registered offices. Changing the company’s name or the number of representatives or partners won’t be a problem – we will be happy to handle it for you.

Do the companies for sale have any history?

The newly established companies only serve to be sold and transferred to you. Their history is a clean slate without any economic activities, meaning they have zero accounting records. We fully guarantee that they don’t have any debts or obligations.

Looking for an older company? These sometimes appear in our offer as well. You’ll find them by the year they were founded – or you can contact us directly, and we’ll discuss how we can help.

Which company type will you pick?

  • Ready-made s.r.o. – we will transfer the limited liability company to you
  • Ready-made employment agency – a complete employment agency with all acquired licences
  • Ready-made a.s. – a fast-start corporation ready for immediate use
  • Ready-made SE – easy company transfer within the EU with a European company
  • Ready-made VAT payer – start billing with VAT immediately


Companies that have never engaged in any business.
Paid registered capital from CZK 1 000 to CZK 200 000.
Large selection of names and founding years.
We will prepare the company transfer within the next business day.
It takes only one meeting to get your company.
The whole process can be managed online.

Additional services for your ready-made company

Registered Office Address
Registered Office Address

Don't pay for a pricey office if you don't need it. Order a virtual office address! Prestigious addresses in Prague and Brno starting at EUR 6/month.

Tax & Accounting Service
Tax & Accounting Service

Do away with the administration, don't pay more than is needed, and focus 100% on your business. Our capable team will handle your accounting.

EORI registration
EORI registration

We will handle the registration of your Czech company to EORI for you - within 3 days it is yours. Get IN for transport from non-EU countries online!

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? We’ll incorporate a new LLC for you

If you don’t like the names of the ready-made companies, incorporating a new LLC could be your best choice. You’ll receive the company within 3 working days starting at EUR 280. You can set it up to your liking right from the start, the incorporation process will actually be cheaper, and the company won’t have a record of being transferred in the Commercial Register.

Got a question? Write to us!

Unsure whether to take the ready-made path or create a new company? Do you have any questions about ready-made companies or doing business in the Czech Republic? Reach out to us. Call us or send us a message using the contact form, and we’ll get in touch.

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