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The easiest way to start your business in the Czech Republic

The easiest way to start your business in the Czech Republic is to obtain a trade license. Any entity wishing to conduct business in the Czech Republic, be it a natural or legal person, is required by law to have a trade license. We will obtain the right trade license for you and your company. Let’s get in touch to discuss your needs.

If you wish to establish a company and start a business, have a look at our on-line company incorporation services. If your goal is to obtain a trade license for a natural person (OSVČ – self-employed individual), you will find all the necessary information below.

Trade License

Obtaining a trade license for many trades and businesses (that do not require a special permit) is a quick and easy task. The government fee for issuing the trade license is EUR 40.

To obtain a trade license, you will need your identity card, an address for your registered office (usually the same as the address of your permanent residence), one or more selected trades, and additional information. The Trade Licensing Office will subsequently issue a registration form that you will have to sign. You will receive an excerpt from the Trade License Register, which serves as your trade license, within 5 business days. You will also be issued an Identification Number (IČO) and Tax Identification Number (DIČ).

Trade Types

  • Unqualified Trade

    To start an unqualified trade, you need to be of legal age, have legal capacity and have no criminal record. These are notifiable trades and you can conduct business as soon as you officially notify the Trade Licensing Office.

  • Vocational, professional and permitted Trade

    The list of these trades can be found in the Trade Licensing Act. To obtain a license for these trades, you have to prove your professional competence in the selected fields. That means having the relevant education and experience in the given field. The minimum required length of your experience varies from trade to trade and is stipulated by law.

Let us help you obtain your trade license. Our experts guarantee that this process will go smoothly and will be finished without undue delay. Rely on our experience and focus on what’s really important –⁠ your business.


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