Did you file a return incorrectly? You may not get a fine

If you file your tax return in paper form, even if you have a data box, you are liable to a penalty of CZK 1,000. This year, however, the authorities have decided to tolerate this mistake. Read on to find out who will be forgiven the fine.

The news has confused many people

At the beginning of 2023, the state set up data boxes for a number of entities that did not have to use them before (e.g. self-employed persons). However, everyone who is obliged to have a data box must, by law, file tax returns electronically.

However, many people have forgotten this because of the change - and the tax office has been inundated with many paper returns. Other transgressions included submitting a document in .pdf format instead of the standardised .xml.

The tax administration has therefore exceptionally decided not to issue fines for incorrect paper filings (the penalty in this case is normally CZK 1,000). However, forgiveness of penalties does not apply to those who filed their tax returns after the due date.

Tax returns without errors

Did you make a mistake on your tax return? Nothing is lost, you can correct everything in a supplementary tax return. But before you submit the new form, you'd better make sure it doesn't contain any of the common errors.

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