Higher meal allowances and petrol prices from August 2022

As a result of the turbulent economic situation and the general increase in prices (inflation), the decree regulating the amount of reimbursement for meals or the average price of fuel has been updated.

How is the average fuel price changing?

Due to the evolution of fuel prices on the market, there is an adjustment, although now only for Natural 98 petrol (the other types are last affected by the changes on 14 May 2022).

The current average prices are therefore as follows:

1 litre of 95 octane petrol: CZK 44,50
1 litre of 98 octane petrol: CZK 51.40 (updated)
1 litre of diesel: CZK 47.10
1 kWh of electricity: CZK 6.00

New rates of reimbursement for meals on business trips

The amount of the meal allowance for each working day is based on the length of the working trip. There is an increase in the amount of the minimum reimbursement - from CZK 21 for the shortest working trip to CZK 47 for the longest one. The table below shows the current amounts applicable from 20 August 2022.

Length of working trip Business State sector
5-12 hours minimum 120 CZK 120 CZK-142 CZK
More than 12 hours and less than 18 hours minimum 181 CZK 181 CZK-219 CZK
Over 18 hours minimum 284 CZK 284 CZK-340 CZK

Impact on the meal voucher lump sum

The meal allowance provided by the employer is exempt from employment income tax on the employee's side, provided that the amount does not exceed 70% of the upper limit of the meal allowance for a business trip in the public sphere lasting between 5 and 12 hours.

Therefore, changes in the above domestic meal allowance rates affect the amount of the so-called meal allowance. Employers who provide this benefit to their employees should be aware that the amount of the meal allowance has now increased to CZK 99.40 (70% of CZK 142). Previously, it was CZK 82.60.

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