How does mail work in a virtual seat?

A virtual office for your company at an address in the centre of Prague or Brno - that sounds great. But how can you access your company correspondence if you live elsewhere? To keep you in the loop, we've described the mail service that comes with every virtual office we offer.


The first step to never having to dig through a mountain of letters again is to have a virtual office. There are many benefits to having a virtual office. Some of the main ones include protecting your privacy, increasing your company's prestige, and keeping administration to a minimum because you no longer have to worry about mail.

You don't have to deal with any other tasks associated with the new address - we will handle the change of address in the commercial register for you, mark the company on the building, issue a consent for the location of the registered office, take over all correspondence and let you know about it by e-mail, and if you have important meetings with the authorities, you can rent a conference room. You get all this free with every virtual seat.


Most companies and institutions are increasingly relying on electronic communication. This is definitely a step in the right direction, but paper letters are still not yet the answer. You are not physically located at the virtual office address, so we take care of your letters.


We regularly pick up mail at all virtual addresses and process it in bulk at our Prague office on Revoluční Street. When we come across your name or the name of your company during the sorting process, we scan the envelope or the call and send it to you via email in pdf format. The notification of received mail is included in the price of your virtual seat and you pay nothing for it.


Corporate correspondence is basically divided into two types - ordinary writing and registered letter.

Ordinary writing is physically in our hands because the Czech Post drops it in the mailbox. You receive a scan of the envelope by email and decide what to do with it:

  1. We will forward the mail to your chosen address.
  2. We will open the mail, scan the entire content and send it to your e-mail as a pdf.
  3. We shred mail because you don't need it.
  4. You can pick up your mail in person at our office on Revoluční Street, and we will offer you coffee in the meantime.

Only you can collect the registered letter or handwritten letter. In this case, we will only find a collection notice in your mailbox, which we will scan and send to you by e-mail. Then it is up to you whether you go to the specified branch of the Czech Post or have the letter forwarded elsewhere. However, you will have to deal with the Czech Post directly, preferably via the online interface. The great thing is that you don't need the letter of demand that was in your mailbox to pick it up. All you need is proof of identity.


Over the past year, we have processed an average of 2,293 letters per month. If it takes 5 minutes to process one letter, we save our clients 191 hours of work each month. Sure, the firm doesn't typically receive hundreds of letters a month, but each individual letter takes a few minutes to process and adds up over time. In a year's time, you may find that you could have spent a few more days on your business.

Do you also want to save your time, get the mail out of your head and have your headquarters at an attractive address in Prague or Brno? Choose one of our virtual offices and leave your daily worries to us.

Do you have a question about virtual offices or company mail processing? Contact us!

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