How to pay property tax? Change your payment method and save

The due date for the payment of the real estate tax (or the first instalment) is 31 May 2024. Last year, in order to save money, the tax administration abolished the paper postal vouchers that were traditionally sent to real estate taxpayers during May. Payment of the tax by postal order has not been charged until now, which is changing. Familiarize yourself with the new rules.

Tax payment slips are no longer free

The tax office has finally said goodbye to tax deposit slips. But don't worry, you can still pay your property tax via the traditional paper method via the Czech Post - but from 2023, you'll pay extra.

If you haven't already opted for another payment method, you'll receive a type A postal order in May, which is now charged according to the Czech Post's price list. You will therefore pay several tens of crowns on top of the tax itself.

Price of postal order A for tax payment (prices valid in January 2024)

Amount of tax payment Price of the tax voucher
CZK 1-5,000 CZK 52
CZK 5,001-50 000 CZK 60
For each additional CZK 10,000 + CZK 7

Account holders will receive payment details online

If you have been automatically set up with a data box or have set one up yourself, do not expect a classic postal order as in the past and keep an eye on your incoming messages.

Last year, the tax administration warned on its website that it will deliver the property tax payment order exclusively by electronic means to all taxpayers who have a datacard (both business and non-business individuals). If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact your tax administrator.

How to get rid of the fee? Change your payment method

The tax administration recommends that everyone switch to a different method of paying their property tax to avoid the fee for a money order. If you don't have a datacard and didn't sign up for a different payment method when you filed your tax return, you have two options:

Payment of real estate taxes by wire transfer to an account

Sign up for the email payment service and you can pay your property tax by wire transfer. Your payment notice will automatically arrive in your inbox in May with all the information you need, including a QR code for convenient payment.

How do I sign up to pay by bank transfer?

  • Fill in the application form on the tax administration's website.
  • Send the application to the local tax office, depending on the location of the property. Do you own multiple properties that fall under different tax authorities? Then you need to apply to each one separately.
  • The service can be used provided you do not have a SIPO set up for tax payments.
  • You can sign up for cashless payment until 15 March 2024. If you miss this deadline, you will receive a chargeable notice this year. Don't forget to make the change next year.

TIP: Don't know how to pay your taxes by wire transfer? Read a handy guide on how to pay your tax. Find out how to make sure you have the correct account number, variable and statement symbols. And if you're wondering what's new for 2024, check out our overview of the property tax changes.

Payment of real estate tax via SIPO

An even stricter deadline of 31 January 2024 applies to signing up to pay your property tax via SIPO. If a bank transfer is not convenient for you and you don't want to waste money on bills, you can apply to pay your tax by SIPO by the deadline - just fill in the form, providing, among other things, your contact number.

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