How to pay the tax? Make sure you enter the correct account number and variable symbol

Once you've filled in and sent in your tax forms, all that's left to do is pay. But what information to use when paying your taxes? We'll explain the rules to make sure your taxes get where they need to go.

Bank account for tax payment

  • The bank account number depends on which specific tax or fee you want to pay. For example, 705 stands for value added tax. For a full list of prefix numbers, see the MoF Financial Bulletin on pages 14-15.
  • The middle part, called the registry number, is governed by the regional tax office to which you are paying - for example, the Tax Office for the Karlovy Vary Region has a registry number of 77629341.
  • The bank code is always 0710 because all bank accounts for tax and fee payments are managed by the Czech National Bank.

So you change the account number prefix according to the tax or fee, the middle part is determined by your local jurisdiction and the part after the slash is always the same. If we use our example from the text above to illustrate this, then the value added tax in the Karlovy Vary Region is correctly sent to account 705-77629341/0710.

In the tables you will find an overview of frequently used prefixes and account numbers of the tax authorities by region.

Account code by type of tax or fee

Type of payment Prefix
Value added tax 705
Income tax for individuals filing returns 721
Corporate income tax 7704
Flat-rate tax 2866
Administrative fees 3711

Bank account numbers of the tax authorities

Tax office Registry (account number) Bank code
City of Prague 77628031 0710
Central Bohemia Region 77628111 0710
South Bohemia Region 77627231 0710
Pilsen Region 77627311 0710
Karlovy Vary Region 77629341 0710
Ústí nad Labem Region 77621411 0710
Liberec Region 77628461 0710
Hradec Králové Region 77626511 0710
Pardubice Region 77622561 0710
Vysočina Region 67626681 0710
South Moravian Region 77628621 0710
Olomouc Region 47623811 0710
Moravian-Silesian Region 77621761 0710
Zlín Region 47620661 0710

TIP: If you need to convert your bank account number to the international format (IBAN), we recommend using the IBAN converter. When making an international payment, be sure to enter the SWIFT - the bank's distinguishing code, also known as BIC.

Variable and constant symbol for tax payment

Another important element is the variable symbol (VS), by which the tax authorities can be sure that you have sent the payment. The taxpayer's tax identification number without the CZ is used as the VS.

In most cases, taxpayers will therefore indicate the following as the VS:

  • birth number - natural persons,
  • ID number - companies and legal entities.

The constant symbol (CS) is then chosen according to how you pay the tax. If you pay by bank transfer, you fill in 1148, if you pay by bank transfer, you fill in 1149. Then you just need to enter the correct amount and the tax payment will be credited in order.

TIP: In business and civil life, we don't just pay taxes, but also administrative or court fees, for example.

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