New tool pre-fills your property tax return for you

The Financial Administration informed about the launch of a pilot project for pre-filling the real estate tax return. Find out how it works and make your work with the forms easier.

The new feature will make it easier for you to fill in the form

Finding out data and filling in the real estate tax return is quite complicated. That's why the Revenue has come up with a tool that will save you time and trouble - it will automatically pre-fill the data for you:

  • from the Land Registry (valid for 1 June 2023);
  • from the tax office (e.g. the area of the built-up area, the number of additional floors, the floor area of the unit, data on immovable property not registered in the Land Registry, etc.).

On the other hand, the tool does not provide information on:

  • various tax exemptions;
  • building land;
  • lease or tenancy;
  • immovable property not registered in the Land Register.

Therefore, do not forget to fill in the missing data and check all the data before submitting.

How to use the tool?

The function for pre-filling the return is available in the Tax Information Box (DIS+). This can be accessed via the My Taxes portal, where you can easily log in using, for example, your bank identity. The application then retrieves the necessary data in the property tax return wizard. Detailed instructions can be found on the website of the tax administration.

Tip: The earliest deadline for paying the tax (or the first instalment) is 31 May. If you have a data box, the tax office will send you payment instructions during May. If you don't have a data box, set up your tax payment by bank transfer or SIPO in time to avoid the fees for bank statements. Find out more in our article on how to pay your property tax.

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