How to get an EORI number for trade with non-EU countries

Do you plan to trade with countries outside the European Union? Then be sure to register with EORI to avoid problems at the border. Find out exactly what it is and how to get it in this article.

What does EORI mean and what is it for?

  • It is a unique identification number used in customs procedures. Every business that wants to transport goods across EU borders, or to so-called "third countries", must have it.
  • Therefore, if you as a company or self-employed person plan to export or import goods to/from non-EU countries, you are obliged to register for an EORI before such a shipment takes place.
  • The name is an abbreviation of the English Economic Operator Registration and Identification and you may also see the English EORI number.

In practice, this number is used to identify operators and help ensure compliance with EU customs and trade rules - so it is essential for smooth border crossings. You will primarily use it on transport documents (e.g. customs declarations).

Where to get an EORI?

You register for an EORI in the EU Member State where you are based. Therefore, if you as a Czech entrepreneur want to trade with non-EU countries, you will apply for an EORI in the Czech Republic, specifically at the customs office.

Each EU country has its own system for issuing EORI numbers - usually the national customs and trade authority is in charge of this agenda.

I am not a business but I need an EORI - what to do?
Customs allows you as a non-business person to generate a one-off EORI number. It is assigned to you temporarily and its wording is random. You can easily create one using the online application.

EORI registration procedure

You can apply for a foreign trade identification number online or in person at any customs office. Download the registration form on the Customs website or use the interactive version directly. Fill in the document with basic information about your business and, if you are a VAT payer, attach a VAT registration certificate to your application.

Customs will check the information and, if everything is in order, assign you an EORI number. They will then notify you of their decision, usually via a data box. You do not pay anything for registration and usually everything is processed within 2 working days.

Are you a VAT payer? Then you can also read this article on how to apply VAT when trading with third countries. The rules for this are different from those for supplies and acquisitions within the EU.

TIP: You can easily check the EORI of your trading partners online.

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