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A branch plant can employ employees, just like, for example, an LLC.

Yes, it is possible to remove oneself from the office of the managing director. If the company does not have a managing director, its shareholders will be asked to appoint one. If this does not happen, the Commercial Court may proceed to liquidate the company and have it removed from the Company Register.

This is an option, but you need to pay the costs of an appraiser, and the whole process takes much longer than if you pay the share capital in cash.

Yes, if a sole trader wants to do business in the Czech Republic, he/she must also pay health and social insurance here.

Yes. All of our addresses have real office or business space.

We don't, and we'd even be happy for you to visit us during lunchtime.

It does not have to be. The registered office address is entered in the Company Register. The address of the establishment is only reported to the Trade Licensing Office. A company may have more than one establishment, but the specific activity carried out at the establishment must always be declared.

No, the residential address and the registered office address can be different. This is a common practice.

The share certificates are issued in writing, and the form and content of the share certificates are determined.

It is quite difficult to comply with such a requirement with regard to the public Company Register. There are various ways, for example, to put someone else in the company and act on the basis of a power of attorney. However, we do not recommend such procedures.

A legal entity’s bank account is in no way related to a natural person. However, a business share owned by an individual may be seized. This entry is then entered in the Company Register and is publicly accessible.

Only envelopes can be delivered and then collected. However, packages sent to you via the ordinary post may be delivered if they fit in your mailbox. We do not accept larger parcels or packages from courier companies.

Of course, you can have a registered office at any address, including your permanent address. It is always necessary to provide consent to the location of the registered office, including the certified signatures of all owners of the property in question, even if it is your property, for example.

By prior arrangement, space can be used at some addresses. Most often, we offer space at our central office at Revoluční 15, Prague 1.

Data mailbox accesses are automatically generated and sent to the managing director’s permanent address. In case the accesses do not arrive, just go to the Czech Post office, invalidate the existing accesses, and issue new ones. This service is on-demand and free of charge.

A company automatically becomes VAT-liable if it meets the turnover threshold of CZK 1 million within 12 consecutive months.

A business establishment must be registered only with the Trade Licensing Office. It is necessary to provide the exact address, the operation commencement date, and the specific activity.

SOP is short for “court fee” (“soudní poplatek”). The SOP option provides the possibility to modify the articles of incorporation, which, by law, has its standard version.

A criminal record is not a bar to the registration of a sole proprietorship or LLC. However, it is necessary to take into account the nature of the offence, which must not be related to business or economic activities.

An apostille is the verification of the signature and stamp on a document for use abroad. This special clause replaces superlegalization in cases provided for by international treaties.

The managing director must behave as a good steward and is liable for the company, including any debts caused by mismanagement.

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