Renting a registered office

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Renting a registered office

You separate your private life from your business. You may not always be able or want to use your private address as a business address. This is required if you are domiciled abroad or in a local authority.

If the incorporation document is changed at the point of the registered office, then a notarial deed is required. This happens, for example, when a company's registered office is moved from one city to another, or when the deed of incorporation lists a specific address and not just a city.

This is not an option. Registered office rent is always paid for a certain period, with a minimum of at least 1 year.

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Yes, the price includes the issuance of consent to the location of the registered office signed and certified by the owner of the property. The price also includes the extract from the Land Registry.

Of course, we will let you know. 14 days before the end of the contract, we send a notice with a proforma invoice for the next rental period of the same length.

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