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Setting up a company

Yes, the same rules apply to foreigners as for Czech citizens. As a first step, we recommend arranging a bank account for the company, which is necessary for depositing the share capital. A simpler option is to buy one of our ready-made companies.

Yes, there is no limit to the number of LLCs you can own.

Yes, the same person can simultaneously be the managing director and a partner.

Yes, by law an LLC must have a bank account.

The company is a legal entity, and as such, does not pay social security or health insurance. However, if the company has any employees, it must pay health and social security for them.

Incorporation takes place by direct registration with a notary public, and the company is displayed in the justice system by the next day.

Yes, a new trade licence must be set up, as this is done directly in the name of the legal entity, not in the name of the managing director or shareholder.

You don't have to if you want to use your own address. However, you must provide us with the consent of the owner of the property in question with a certified signature. We will be happy to help you with this as well.

Execution is not an obstacle, only insolvency is a problem. In such a case, becoming the managing director is impossible; you can only be a shareholder.

This is not necessary, trade licenses are set up directly for the company.

A personal meeting is not necessary, we can handle the whole process remotely. We will send you the necessary documents by e-mail for signature and verification.

VAT liability is not automatic. Once the company is established, voluntary registration for this tax must be sent to the competent tax office. It is also a good idea to have the documents ready, such as invoices received/issued, contracts with possible business partners, etc.

Higher share capital increases the credibility of the company. Share capital of CZK 200,000 looks better than CZK 1 in the Company Register. Higher capital is more advantageous when the company's initial costs are planned without initial income.

The classic incorporation of a company means registration in the Company Register within 10 working days, including the processing of the trade licence. With express incorporation, the company is only registered in the Company Register with the lease of the property. Trade licenses can be processed after registration and filed additionally for registration with the court. Registration can then be done even in one day.

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